CLM Health Group offers our retailers personalized service like a small agency, with the distribution capabilities of a large organization.

CLM. Your Natural Health Products Distributor and Broker. 







Allimax is a garlic product that delivers real, bioactive stabilized allicin. that boosts your immune system with one of the most potent immunity enhancers available today. Don't waste any more of your time being sick.  Allimax. Tough on Colds.      Follow Allimax on facebook.

HayMax is a natural organic barrier balm that is applied around the nostrils to catch allergens before they can trigger an allergic response.


HayMax is a natural organic barrier balm that is applied around the nostrils to catch allergens before they can trigger an allergic response. Winner of over 35 awards, HayMax has been proven to reduce dust, pet allergens and pollen from entering the body.

Organyc. 100% organic cotton feminine hygiene.


Organyc is 100% organic cotton feminine hygiene. Their line of 100% biodegradable and compostable pads, pantyliners and tampons has been shown to help cure and prevent skin irritations. A superior product, Organyc has been clinically and dermatologically tested.

SnoreStop Extinguisher


SnoreStop is a natural remedy developed by doctors, that helps alleviate the symptoms of snoring. Available in spray and tablet form, SnoreStop is clinically tested and safe to use. 80% of patients using SnoreStop experienced a noticeable reduction in their snoring symptoms.

Cate Maguire Founder of CLM Health

Meet the Founder and President of CLM

Catherine L. Maguire (Kate) began her career as an independent rep in the natural products industry and enjoyed early success as she built her first product to be a market leader.

In 2002, Kate launched CLM Health Group, a nation-wide natural health products distributor/broker. CLM supplies high quality and effective health products to natural health retailers, pharmacies and health care practitioners.

At CLM, we pride ourselves on providing superior customer care through our focused approach, retail support and education, and exceptional product knowledge.


At CLM, we consider every customer of equal importance.

There are no A, B or C accounts at CLM. Everyone matters.

We seek to form a partnership with our retailers by providing you with the support you need for our products to be successful in your store. 

We work closely with our manufacturers to help them develop strong, relevant and timely programs that CLM can utilize to support product sales at your store. We encourage them to keep their websites current and utilize social media when appropriate.

In order to maximize the sales of our products, we provide:

  • point of sale material and sampling programs 
  • ongoing education and training 
  • advertising and marketing support
  • a variety of specials throughout the year 
  • easy and speedy access to head office to answer your questions

At CLM, we are successful only if you are successful. 

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